Partnership Building with Community Environmental Services

Nate Goldman, Nate Whitstock, and I met with Eric Crum Executive Director of CES and Research & Development Director, Nate Forst to chat about how we could partner on projects.

What a great meeting - we couldn’t have asked for a better match! They have some data sets around Eco Districts and high-impact project needs that we can start working on right now. They are data nerds at heart that really gets open data and wants to be part of this awesome movement.

CES is a nonprofit research and service unit at Portland State University that provides all kinds of data, data collection, research, technical assistance, and educational outreach services to help reduce solid waste.

We are so excited to have connected with CES and can’t wait to see what awesome projects we get to work on with them!

Want to help with partnership building? It’s easy to get involved: join the google group